AARA eReminder Service

Alberta Transportation provides a large amount of information on driving rules, regulations and tips for safe motor vehicle safety in the province of Alberta. Download Driver’s Guides for all motor vehicle classes which will provide all of the information necessary to be able to complete your written exam for your class 7 learners permit. Refer to the documents and guides available to you at the Alberta Transportation web site.

Prepare thoroughly for your Road Test, know your vehicle and review your Driver guide before your road test. Alberta Transportation has prepared a detailed guide (Preparing for your Road Test) to assist you with preparing for your Road Test.

Ensure that you have met all of the requirements for your Road Test and then book your Road Test online.

The Government of Alberta no longer sends out registration renewals by eMail. Make sure to renew your license plates on time with an email renewal from Rangeland Agencies.

Thank you for your interest in driver’s licence, ID card and vehicle registration renewal reminders. This simple service will send you an email or text message before your next renewal is due.

Now receive email reminders for your corporate registry activities.

In a hurry to renew your vehicle registration? Save time, renew online, and receive your tabs in the mail. While you’re here, don’t forget to sign up for free renewal reminders.

You need:

  • Your vehicle registration certificate
  • Your insurance pink card
  • Your credit card